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Project Portfolio

Performance acts a planned task with an ability that has been acquired by training. We present a group of software and websites which is developed by Rvlcare Vision Pvt Ltd. The simplicity is achieved by constantly refactoring the code and keeping the number of documents as low as possible. The developers should start with the simplest solution first and add more functionality later in the project.

Rvlcare Vision Pvt Ltd worked on some projects

Project 1. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

It’s Network Marketing or referral marketing and in a pyramid shaped structure. MLM are designed to make profit for owners of the company and a few individuals of participants. It is a direct selling type that removes advertisement, agents, area distributers, stockers and retail shops between manufacturer and consumer. No need to go door to door for promoting your business. Rvlcare Vision Pvt Ltd IT Solution Company offers the MLM software at effective price and easy way to boost your business. You can continuously enhance your business using MLM software. We provide a complete package for MLM software with the features of Administrative Login, a perfect layout and run your business securely.

It provides independent non-salaried participants referred to as independent agents are authorized to distribute the products and services of the company. Independent distributors develop their company by making a dynamic consumer network. Our MLM software fulfills all the requirement of the user and management of database is done with security, facilitate complete financial calculations.

Project 2. Biometric Attendance Management System

“Fingerprint Attendance” product provided at low cost. Store “Real Time Data” at server with security and access when require. Rvlcare Vision Pvt Ltd provides the biometric attendance product that makes easy your daily workloads. The aim is to provide a smarter way of the system with biometric system. Once the product is reached to you, you can maintain your database of attendance without any difficulty. We facilitate the installation of product and explain all about how to use, after verification of registration is done. We provide a portal where you can check daily basis records and collect it. It’s Real Time and centralized monitoring device. The system automatically manages the leave. The system maintenance is also done on time- updating database, sim based connectivity or Wi-Fi connectivity.

In the future, we will live in faster, more secure would where verification of one is identity is critical for daily activities. Comparison of various biometric technology- Human characteristics can be used for biometrics in terms of following parameters. 1) Uniqueness-separates individually. 2) Permanence – resists aging. 3) Collectability- eases of acquisition for measurements. 4) Performance- accuracy, speed and robustness.

Project 3. E-commerce

Run Your Store at One Place Rvlcare Vision Pvt Ltd also provides e-commerce software to run your business digitally . You can Offer any product or service via E-commerce. E-commerce operates in all four of the major market segments- Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), Consumer to Consumer (C2C) and Consumer to Business (C2B). E-commerce (Electronic Commerce) is a process of buying and selling of products electronically.

It is commonly known online shopping. We provide the facility in our software for Admin Sign-in and Sign-up, adding of products, offers, pricing maintaining orders, taxes and invoice and at the customer side registration /sign in , personal information/profile, products or category, adding product to cart, order, track order, cancel order and order history, etc. Using software you can provide the services to your customer to order any time anywhere shopping. Now days it is rapidly growing in the market. Working with the provided software gives higher priority to you when any product is searched on any search engine (Google, Yahoo etc.).

Project 4. Loan System

The main objective of developing this system is to handle the all details of any organization. We provide the facility of data management, program solutions, communicating customer and reporting at one place. You will get a complete package of software that manages all the requirements of the loan system of any organization. Time saving- maximum time is require to manage all the details of the customers so it’s the best solution. No data redundancy in the database and generates report easily. Administrator can check all the details and select to go forward or reject the loan of any candidate. The customers give the necessary documents for the loan is submitted and verified at the server and after the verification it is forwarded to Administrator. If the document is rejected in verification the system will automatically generate request to upload the documents again. And after verification loan is approved.

We want to make a loan system easy better and quick for everyone, that’s why we created online loan system. We developed this loan system according to the needs of the user. With this a person can easily available the service of the loan without any hassles.

Project 5. Hospital Management and Nursing Home Management System

Rvlcare Vision Pvt Ltd also works for the management of Hospital and Nursing homes to computerizing the work. The software takes care of all the requirements of any hospital and is capable to provide easy and effective storage of information related to patients who comes to the hospital and Nursing homes. We provide the user friendly software. A hospital is a place where patient come up for general disease and hospital provide all the facilities.The main objective of the system is to help you to collect most of the information about hospital and nursing homes. You can collect all the information from the record and it may be partially foe hospital and nursing homes as per requirement or collect at one place. The system, we design is very simple and easy to implement. We think about the facility of patients are easily allocated to the doctors.

Doctor- Doctor can register their details, fix the appointment, and reschedule of appointment in case of unavailability, about their working experience and research, all the update for their patients report. Admin- Administrator can have the full authentication over their hospital and nursing homes. He can create sub-admin, receptionist, doctors etc. He maintains the record of all the doctors, medicines, bed availability and appointment with patients. Medicine Management- all patients’ information available here, accounting, pharmacy inventory management is done. Modules- Registration, Login/Logout, patient entry, user management, reminder, search options and reports. Providing a software which is planned towards approach working with accuracy, reliability, no redundancy, retrieval of information, emergency management and easy to co-operate.

Project 6. Wedding Management System

A beautiful memorable moment of life we think to make it more beautiful. The main objective for developing this project is to provide the scope for complete management of wedding. Provide all the facilities to our clients at stipulated time and cost and satisfy them. Hyperlinks- Ordering of flowers, decoration of entry and stage, decoration of car, light system, sound system, catering and orchestras. We focus the customer relationship, team member, relationship communication, risk management, problem identification and resolutions, lesson learned and recommendation to take the feedback from the client. The wedding planning tool markets exclusively to engaged couples, so the look and feel requirement serves as a means to really move towards “romancing the product”.

The site should have bright colors and happy mood, utilizing brighter colors like red, orange, pink etc. The website must satisfy their wants, being very customizable, allowing them to have pages which meet their own style needs. The features are vital because, the style of the product to vary based on the tastes and preferences of each new user. Wedding Management System must output responsive feedback to input on weddings pages within a reasonable duration of time. We design our website in a manner that the users can quickly get the necessary information they need by just scanning the page. We shall use headings, bullet points on bold texts to help the users get the necessary content faster.

Project 7. Painting Management System

The implementation of painting tender and contracts and painting activities being out by contract labor, requires all staff including contractors to follow these guidelines. Solvent and paint are formulated with a variety of ingredients. No hidden fees, mixing of colors and simple pricing. Website shows all the demo color, covers sand/ shot blasting, firstly painted with primer, intermediate painting, final painting and wrapping. Rvlcare Vision Pvt Ltd also provides the smart suggestions of colors as per client's requirements like- coating, interior wall, color combos etc. Painting on walls with double coated paint have many benefits such as protection of walls, objects and structure from damage by creating a film on a surface and beautifying them.

Spray Painting- Its mix of colors, pressure spray, and substance such as paint or lacquers is converted in to a mist or aerosol which are directed on to a surface to produce and texture an evenly distributed film of the required thickness and texture. The disposal of paint’s waste in an approved manner. Using and maintaining personal protective equipment in the appropriate manner.

Project 8. Printing Management System

Rvlcare Vision Pvt Ltd provide the project on Printing Management A for the enhancement of your business. Our aim is to provide an innovative printing management. We list all the requirements for the printing with costing and make it available to all- card printing, paper printing, advertisement paper printing etc.

In our system we make it like- automatically detect and tracks all existing print queues. We survey and compare the cost and quality of the product with others and always continue to make it fully computerized and more attractive. We provide the Login system in our project for the administrator to add or remove features such as paper pricing, design overview, page layout, selection of colors, mixing of colors and demo printing etc. User will provide the options for printing cost of scanning will be covered by paper output to promote the use. The most expensive printing at lower cost looks low cost paper more expensive. Working with us you will never feel for the loss.